Zauntee Is For Real

Check Out His New Track God Taught Me

Every now and then you toss a CD Into the player or hit play on a link you get, and you have to sit down and really LISTEN. When it comes to music to the ears and the soul, what this guy Zauntee is doing down in Tampa Florida is OFF THE CHAIN. Born in 1999, he began writing songs at the young age of 10 and started producing music a few years later at 14. His mission is to help listeners realized they don’t have to be what the culture says that they’re “supposed to be.”

His motivation is to help people breakout of unfair situations. Zauntee encourages the younger generations by, “making music people want, with a message that they need.” He believes he is the individual to lead people to change.”

“The rap game really focuses on brainwashing young people who don’t have any real role models. Most kids think that the only way to be fulfilled in life is to follow the crowd.” Zauntee said recently.

Zauntee has released two singles during 2017 thus far and his mixtape is set to drop sometime during summer 2017.


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