Brooklyn Teen Rockers Strike Again

Unlocking The Truth Release Music Video for “My Chains”

If you haven’t heard about Unlocking The Truth yet, your missing out. Formed in Brooklyn, NY, these teenagers can really Rock. The band founded after Malcolm Brickhouse and Jarad Dawkins met at a party in 2005. After teaching their childhood friend Alec Atkins how to play bass, they decided to take America By Storm.



On June 23, 2013, the group staged a raucous gig on the sidewalks of New York City’s Times Square, where pedestrians were left floored by this headbanging trio of 11- and 12-year-old black kids from Brooklyn who shredded through heavy metal tunes like a gang of 30-year-old vets. Video of the performance went very viral, and in July 2014, it was announced that Unlocking the Truth had signed a much-ballyhooed $1.8 million deal with Sony Music Entertainment.

The Brooklyn-based band is now back with a new music video for their latest single “My Chains”  The video (directed by JP Brasca) cuts through much of the hype surrounding the group and shows a different side of the band.

The track is a soulful metal hybrid, co-produced by Brickhouse (and Kenta Yonesaka, Germano Studio NY), who says “The meaning of ‘My Chains’ will be different for everyone, but there’s a line in the song for everyone. Think about it. We all have chains in life. It could be somebody or something we use as a crutch to help us get through life and loosen those chains.”


We wanted the video to show that Unlocking The Truth has more to offer than just a good song,” says guitarist/vocalist

Malcolm Brickhouse. “The video and song both push the envelope for ‘the norm’ in metal music.

It’s fresh. It’s new. It’s MY CHAINS!”


“My Chains” is available on Spotify and iTunes.

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