Joshua Phillips Re sentenced

Judge Waddle A Wallace Re-Sentences Phillips To Life

Most of Duval County learned about Joshua Phillips, he was a frightened, wiry, teenager who beat and stabbed 8-year-old Maddie Clifton when she would not stop crying after being hit by a baseball. He then entombed her lifeless body beneath his waterbed as the region searched tirelessly for any signs of the little girl who seemingly vanished from her Southside neighborhood one day in 1998. At the time Joshua was 14 years old.

Maddie’s death devastated the community, tormented the Clifton and Phillips families and sent a boy off to prison, presumably for life.

A U.S. Supreme Court ruling said it was unconstitutional to automatically impose on juveniles life sentences without a chance for parole. To do so was cruel and unusual punishment.

Statewide, some 600 inmates’ life sentences have the potential to be changed. For the region that consists of Duval, Nassau and Clay counties, the number is 80.

Today Judge Wallace re-sentenced Phillips to Life.


What do you think should have been done?


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