Walmart Gets Slammed For Tossing Food

Video of Walmart employees throwing out food goes viral

The Walmart in Celina, Ohio is under fire today as a video of Food that was being thrown away went Viral on the internet. According to the Ohio store a tornado knocked out power for more than half the day on November 5. The power outage contaminated the food, making it unsafe to eat.

They said associates were following health department protocol.


The Walmart in Salina issued a statement on their Facebook page saying: “We would like to share some information on how food is donated to the local food banks. Food that hasn’t expired, been opened, has been maintained within the proper temperature range, and deemed safe is very often donated to the local food bank. In some rare situations food has to be thrown away to keep unsafe product from being donated and possibly making people sick. Your Salina, KS Walmart has donated $150,876 in product to the food bank this fiscal year. Last year $133,665 was donated. The 11 store market that our store is in has donated $740,050 in food products this year. The video being circulated on Facebook is not our store, but we wanted to share with all of you what we do to support the local food bank.”

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