The Disaster that The Blues Is Alright Tour Was

Penny Pinching Promoters And Other Problems Causes Horrible Show

The Blues Is Alright Tour Came thru Jacksonville Florida Friday Night, making up for a stop canceled due to a Hurricane and from LockedIN Magazine’s stand point, they should have canceled the show. The Reason, Jasmine Lashawn.

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The dismal crowd of three thousand or so, turned up to the Jacksonville Veterans Memorial Arena tonight in hopes of catching Southern soul singer Sir Charles Jones , honored with two B.B. King Achievement Awards, who folds jazz, gospel, and blues into his satiny, sigh-inducing melodies, TuckaBig Pokey BearBishop BullwinkleT.K. Soul and Jeff Flloyd on Stage and the problems were immediately known.

The Sound was horrible throughout the time that we were there, causing performers to run around the stage looking for a good spot. With multiple microphones going at one time, the signal was jamming shutting off one mic to allow the next one to work. Then there was the 3 Lighting pods. One on each side and one behind the performers BLINDING most people sitting in the FRONT.

Jasmine Lashawn, owner of The Opulence Firm was one of the promoters working this show, and when she wasn’t walking around smiling at everyone, she was on her phone playing with Facebook.


LockedIN Magazine was the ONLY Photographer in attendance, so what The Opulence Firm did is still a mystery. They didn’t promote. They Didn’t sell Tickets. And Jacksonville Florida deserves Better.

My9oh4, wants to apologize to our fans that entered the Contest and had to be Turned away. After the Horrible Turn out Jasmine has to BLAME someone. And LockedIN Magazine was there.



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