Finishing The Dream

South GA Blaze Gets Invite To Youth National Football Championship

It starts out in the back yard with some of your friends. You just got done watching some NFL game, and you grab the ball and want to be Tom Brady to your friends. That is the DREAM. As you get older, you get onto teams to prove to everyone that your Team is better then theirs. The Dream is to WIN the CHAMPIONSHIP.

In Tifton, Georgia there is a group of coaches that are dedicated to helping their youth, not only in Football but academics, while focusing on instilling morals, values & respect into the youth. You don’t pass, you don’t play!

Managed by Zack Brown and Torrance Galmer, The Blaze belongs to the United Youth Football League as part of the Peach State conference. The squad is about more than football, said Brown. “The kids had to turn in their report cards,” he said. If grades are not high enough, a player is put on probation. “It’s all about education,” said Brown, “keeping kids off the street.”

Breaking the kids into groups helps some, as they play in Divisions. 8U, 10U and 12U Teams that compete against other groups of kids on Saturday mornings.

The South GA Blaze 12U team is stocked with talent this year, and has handled everything ON THE FIELD that was thrown at them while continuing to stay Undefeated. And with a Powerhouse team, they get noticed.

Today, the South GA Blaze was notified that they have been given an Official Team Invite for the 12U Kids to the Youth National Football Championship. They will play Thanksgiving Weekend in Atlanta, Georgia in the Regional Division. Hundreds of the nations top teams will be involved in this years event and the South GA Blaze are looking forward to continue their winning ways.

As a Non-profit group, the South GA Blaze can use HELP getting the Kids there. Click the Donate Button or CLICK HERE for their Go-Fund Me Page.



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