The Terminator Will Be Back

Terminator 6 is definite, and will indeed bring back Arnold Schwarzenegger and Linda Hamilton

Three times is a charm says James Cameron as the news of the new Terminator film gets underway on July 26, 2019. That’s the day Terminator 6 hits the Big Screens.  Cameron is overseeing and Tim Miller directing.

The movie will reteam Arnold Schwarzenegger and Linda Hamilton, with the screenplay set to be the result of a writers’ room that includes Cameron, David Goyer, Charles Eglee, Justin Rhodes, Josh Friedman and David Ellison.

Cameron has confirmed that the movie will follow-up from Terminator 2: Judgment Day, and ignore every entry in the series since. “We’re pretending the other films were a bad dream. Or an alternate timeline, which is permissible in our multi-verse”.

Since first hitting our screens in 1984, audiences have rolled with the good, the bad, and the ugly of Terminator movies, with Cameron rescuing the franchise from the brink of extinction. With a timeline that is possibly about to get more complicated than the convoluted X-Men universe, Cameron has unveiled exactly where 2019’s “rebooted” Terminator 6 will sit in the world of Skynet and Schwarzenegger.

As for Tim Miller, he’s addressed the issue of Schwarzenegger returning again in the new film(s), with Cameron insisting that the actor’s age isn’t an issue because cyborgs that have seen lots of action age too.

“Because he’s been in all the other movies – unlike Linda – I do think there needs to be a reason to be different here”, Miller said.

“I like my sci-fi grounded. I like my characters grounded. And what Jim said about the exterior aging while the interior remains the same – well, not the interior, as in the brain, as emotionally and intellectually he will have evolved. They’re learning machines”.

“But that’s a way to make it different than it was. Even in Genisys, he looked – I should stop – he was a slightly gussied-up version of the old Terminator. I think we should embrace his age, and that’s what’s going to make it interesting and fresh for the fans”.

As we hear more about the film, we’ll keep you posted. James Cameron is unlikely to be much of a presence on set, of course, given that he’s now shooting his quartet of Avatar sequels…

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